IAG Executive Committee Members

 Chairman of the IAG Executive Committee Secretary General Saudi Health Councils. Riyadh - SAUDI ARABIA.
 Prof. of OB/GYN and Director of International Islamic Center for Population Studies and Research. Al Azhar University. Cairo - EGYPT.
 Lead Health Specialist, Human Development Department (HDE). Islamic Development Bank (IsDB). Jeddah - SAUDI ARABIA.
 Secretary-General. Wifaq Al-Madaress. Multan - PAKISTAN.
 Deputy Secretary General of the Islamic Organization for Medical Sciences (IOMS) in Kuwait. Member of the Council of International Islamic Fiqh Academy. Kuwait - KUWAIT.
 Head of Written Fatwa Department Dar Al-Ifta. Cairo - EGYPT.
 Former Dean of the Faculty of Shariaa and Law. Al Azhar University. Cairo - EGYPT.
 Director of the Fatwa Department. International Islamic Fiqh Academy. Jeddah - SAUDI ARABIA.
 Former Dean of Faculty of Islamic Studies. Al Azhar University. Cairo - EGYPT.
 Director General, Department of Science and Technology. Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). Jeddah - SAUDI ARABIA.